Insights and Views

why streaming kids according to ability is a terrible idea

is it time to stop?

Imaginary worlds, real skills

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Inequality in denmark & the us

Why are they different?

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dr lee kai-fu, founder & ceo, sinovation ventures

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future skills education

finland, switzerland & new zealand lead the way

future-proofing kids

key skills needed for future generations

what are we doing to prepare future generations?

schools should teach the curriculum of the future, not the past

education is a process of living

not a preparation for future living

Can children learn without teachers?

Sugata Mitra experiments


Hole in the Wall experiments

What is the future of technology in education?

In the future, teaching and learning is going to be social

How To Educate Without Teachers?

Project DEFY – Design Education For Yourself

The Futures of Learning 3

what kind of pedagogies for the 21st century?

"In the future, teaching and learning is going to be social"
- Matt Britland