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We are interested in your views and ideas. Great outcomes are achieved from small ideas. If you, like us, believe that the opportunity to enable youth to make a positive difference to the world is the best way to serve humanity, then join us in one of the following ways:


You will manage learning projects and interact with learners before, during and after projects. You will facilitate sessions and work with learners to keep them engaged and help them reach their group outcomes. You will also be required to hold meetings, collaborate with partners and host learning circles weekly. You must be tech-savvy, able to do research and create projects. We need self-motivated individuals who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of youth and society. You must be based and currently residing in Singapore.  


As a MoB Ambassador, you help us spread to those who can benefit from our program. To be a MoB Ambassador, you need to have completed at least 3 projects so you know what this experience is about.   


If you come across interesting material that our MoB Community can learn from, please send it along to us to share. Anyone can be a Knowledge Scout. 

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