Meet Our Team

Our team is growing fast. Here are some of our key players. Most of us have held various corporate roles and some of us are serial entrepreneurs. What we want to share here with you is what we love doing outside of work. Detailed information on our background can be found in our individual LinkedIn profile links below. 

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When I am not experimenting with Gastrogeography recipes, I am often exploring local edible plant varieties in parks and urban farms. I write everyday. I finished writing a children's book which is due to be published soon. I have started on my second book on Nature. I love to paint and enjoy anything creative. I have a strong entrepreneurial background and have also worked in the corporate world but it was never business as usual for me. I thrive in most environments by using my creative lens to see the world. 




I am a go-getter and have always enjoyed embracing new challenges. I am lucky to call two places my home - Singapore and Holland, having lived in both places. I speak Dutch, English, Chinese dialects including Mandarin and of course "Singlish". I have many years corporate experience and am proud that I made the decision to be in business for myself and haven't looked back ever since. I swim daily and travel often. 


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Ronald van de Cappelle

“Creating a better world’ is my credo. I am a designer with over 25 years experience in Amsterdam. I now teach design at a Shanghai university. Having been educated in fine arts , I sense the need to also re-create teaching methodologies to suit needs of the future. I see all of my work as a learning process. I believe Life long learning keeps one fit and young. Besides designing and teaching I practice brain fitness by studying Chinese (Mandarin) and exercise my body by swimming and playing tennis.



Yen-Lu Chow 

In our fast paced world where the only constant is change, I believe there is an urgent need for us to draw on our strengths and creative potential as human beings, to connect with our deeper purpose and contribute towards humanity in a positive and impactful way. As an entrepreneur, social change-maker, angel investor, venture catalyst, and a seeker of Truth, I enjoy building ecosystems and mobilising the community to create positive social change. As an early pioneer in AI, I also have a strong base in the tech space. I spend much of my time and energy these days building the foundation for the Asia Institute of Mentoring in order to impact a million lives, helping to bring about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all. As the founder of the Deep Human Movement, I’m a firm believer and strong advocate of the Deep Human potential.




I do work a lot but it’s not work for me as I enjoy what I do immensely. When I am not working, I love devising interesting projects and activities with my two young daughters, Gwyneth and Vera. I am fascinated with history - where mankind has been and the future of where the world is heading. I enjoy bouncing ideas with like-minded individuals and coming up with innovative solutions. I am passionate about driving organisations and people to be future-ready to face the disruptive times ahead of us.


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I love exercise, planking and spinning. I love eating and exercise is my way to eat all the food I love. I run marathons, I enjoy the discipline it takes to stay with a program and the sense of accomplishment after I complete a marathon. I do relief work in my spare time providing counselling support to those in need. I currently work with the Rohingya people in the Bangladesh relief camps. I have a strong background in education and educational psychology. 



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I cherish time with my family when I’m not travelling for work. I come from a family of foodies and we love to come together for a meal or discovering new food experience and places. I walk home from the office or with friends over the weekend to think and keep in touch with them.  I spend most of my adult working life in the corporate world.  My current role is with a mining company.  This has spurred me to think about the environment, our impact on it and how we can apply technology to improve it. I have a good insight into leadership, having worked with teams from various parts of the world.